Collaborative RESearch Team to study psychosocial issues inBipolar Disorder (CREST.BD)
a multidisciplinary collaborative network of researchers, health care providers and community members (people living with bipolar disorder, their family members and supports) dedicated to researching and exchanging knowledge about psychological and social factors in bipolar disorder. Our aim is to enhance the wellness of people living with the condition.


Emory University Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program

dedicated to conducting global health care research on an individual level. Our experienced team of medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, and nurses seek to discover improved treatments for depression and anxiety disorders. Individuals incur no cost by taking part in our program. Participation is strictly confidential.


International Bipolar Foundation
a not for profit organization based in San Diego whose mission is to eliminate Bipolar Disorder through the advancement of research; to promote and enhance care and support services; and to erase associated stigma through public education.


International Review of Bipolar Disorders (IRBD)
IRBD is the world’s largest international annual conference focusing on Bipolar Disorders.  In 2012, worldwide leading experts and delegates from more than 40 countries were in attendance, making IRBD a truly international community.


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has been at the forefront of a wide range of suicide prevention initiatives — each designed to reduce loss of life from suicide.

Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships (IFERS)

A California-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity organization dedicated to improving society by providing resources to high achieving students, scientific researchers, community nonprofits, and educational organizations.