Memory Wall

Bipolar Disorder affects approximately 3 of every 100 people, and the prevalence is even higher among creative persons. While the story here reflects the life of Sean, many, many more people and families have faced the challenges and felt the sorrow that often accompanies the diagnosis. May this wall serve as a lasting memorial in honor of them and their loved ones.

Sean Costello

One of the top days of our life was the day we happened to be at a local club – The Ocean Mist in Matunuck RI and Sean came on. We had never heard of him before – but we knew immediately we were seeing a legend. We bought every album available at the time(and every one since). We count ourselves blessed to have had the privilege of seeing him live. The music world was diminished the day we lost his precious talent.

Memorialized by:Paul & Maggie Round

Phil Riva

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Riva family through this grieving time. Phil is survived by his wife Randi, and two children Chris and Tory. May Phil rest in peace.

Memorialized by:AJ, Gia, and Kristen

Sean Costello

The first time I laid eyes on Sean he was practicing next door to Donnie Mac’s loft, Sean GLOWED, as if he was emitting a white light. I heard God say to me that Sean was His and I was not to sully him. Sean belonged to God Himself. An amazing musician, an incredible person; I am so grateful to have met him and attended many performances. His mother is phenomenal to do this in memory of her son!!!

Memorialized by:kk

Heidi McRae

My wife is the most amazing person I know! Before we got married, I was aware of some family history with mental illness, but didn’t really think it could happen to her. 5 days after getting married, she had her first episode and our world was forever changed. I can’t even imagine, throughout the whole process, of going through life with someone else. Bipolar, in my mind, is just like having any other disease. You deal with it, love each other and move forward. Love you so much Heidi!

Memorialized by:Taylor McRae